Lyrics 류은희 – 못잊을 부산항 (트로트) 가사

못잊을 부산항 (트로트) Lyrics – 류은희

Singer: 류은희
Title: 못잊을 부산항 (트로트)

작사 박정삼, 이정수 작곡 이정수 편곡 송재철
1. 해저문 부산항구에 저녁 노을 곱게물들면
소라껍질 줍던 시절 그리워 옛추억이 생각이 난다
나 어릴때 손가락 걸며 언젠가는 돌아 온다던

그 친구는 소식도 없고 갈매기만 슬피우는가
아아~ 아아 추억의 항구야 못잊을 부산항구야
2. 해 맑은 부산항구에 은빛물결 출렁거리면
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Hangul / Romanized / Romanization

jagsa bagjeongsam, ijeongsu jaggog ijeongsu pyeongog songjaecheol
1. haejeomun busanhang-gue jeonyeog no-eul gobgemuldeulmyeon
solakkeobjil jubdeon sijeol geuliwo yeschueog-i saeng-gag-i nanda
na eolilttae songalag geolmyeo eonjenganeun dol-a ondadeon

geu chinguneun sosigdo eobsgo galmaegiman seulpiuneunga
aa~ aa chueog-ui hang-guya mos-ij-eul busanhang-guya
2. hae malg-eun busanhang-gue eunbichmulgyeol chulleong-geolimyeon
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못잊을 부산항 (트로트) – English Translation

Lyrics written by Jeong-sam Park, composed by Jeong-soo Lee, composed by Jeong-soo Lee, arranged by Jae-cheol Song
1. When the sunset glows in the Busan Port of the seabed
I miss the days when I was picking up seashells and remember old memories
When I was young, I put my finger on and said that someday I’ll come back

Does that friend have no news and only seagulls are sad?
Ah~ Ah, it’s a port of memories, an unforgettable port of Busan
2. When the silvery waves sway in the sunny Busan Port
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Lyrics 류은희 – 못잊을 부산항 (트로트) 가사

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