Lyrics 임영웅 – 진정인가요 가사

Lyrics 임영웅 – 진정인가요 가사

Singer: Lim Young-woong 임영웅
Title: 진정인가요

미련없다 그 말이 진정인가요
냉정했던 그 마음이 진정인가요
바닷가를 거닐며 수놓았던 그 추억
잊을 수가 있을까요
돌아설 때 눈물짓던 당신이라면
영원토록영원토록 죽어도 못 잊을 겁니다
잊어달라 그 말이 진정인가요
돌아서던 그 마음이 진정인가요
오솔길을 거닐며 주고받던 그 사랑
잊을 수가 있을까요
돌아설 때 울음 참던 당신이라면
잊으려도잊으려도 죽어도 못 잊을 겁니다
죽어도 못 잊을 겁니다
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Hangul / Romanized / Romanization

milyeon-eobsda geu mal-i jinjeong-ingayo
naengjeonghaessdeon geu ma-eum-i jinjeong-ingayo
badasgaleul geonilmyeo sunoh-assdeon geu chueog
ij-eul suga iss-eulkkayo
dol-aseol ttae nunmuljisdeon dangsin-ilamyeon
yeong-wontolog-yeong-wontolog jug-eodo mos ij-eul geobnida
ij-eodalla geu mal-i jinjeong-ingayo
dol-aseodeon geu ma-eum-i jinjeong-ingayo
osolgil-eul geonilmyeo jugobaddeon geu salang
ij-eul suga iss-eulkkayo
dol-aseol ttae ul-eum chamdeon dangsin-ilamyeon
ij-eulyeodoij-eulyeodo jug-eodo mos ij-eul geobnida
jug-eodo mos ij-eul geobnida
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진정인가요 – English Translation

I’m not stupid Is that true?
Is that cold heart truly true?
The memories of embroidering while walking along the beach
Can I forget
If you were crying when you turned around
Even if I die forever and ever, I will never forget it
Forget it, is that true?
Is that true heart that turned around
The love I exchanged while walking on the trail
Can I forget
If you were crying when you turned around
Even if you try to forget, even if you die, you will never forget
I won’t forget if I die.
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Lyrics Lim Young-woong 임영웅 – 진정인가요 가사

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